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YAY - Burke Juliani
The Writing Journal of Trace and Kitty Burke
Well Kit and I have been busy busy busy with the last few months and opening our own business so we haven't really had a chance to edit our book much. Not to mention that the word edit makes us either want to puke or beat the shit out of everything and each other. LOL!!

We've decided to do something else instead... we're going to open our own website for our writing and just allow people to frequent the site and read out stuff for free. Maybe one day if it's meant to happen a publisher or agent will do a drive by, read something they like, and want to work with us. If not, no biggy I guess. We are passionate about writing but we have to think of real life and the demands that needing money puts on us. We can't live on a hope that one day we'll get published and whatever... we're going with our business and putting 100% into that.

Writing is second.

If we reach people with our writing, we do. If people want to publish us, they will.

If it's meant to happen, it will.

- Pup

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