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The end is near!!! - Burke Juliani
The Writing Journal of Trace and Kitty Burke
The end is near!!!

Today the end is near. We have three more chapters, one which is already half way done and then the Prologue. Damn I’m so excited to write the last word that ends the book that I have to keep pushing it back so I can concentrate on what I’m doing. Last night I really wanted to finish it but I couldn’t do anymore because of the headache that I got, which I’ve been getting when I’m tired a lot lately.

I am not looking forward to the editing stage because it’s going to be a bitch blending everything together to make it look like one chapter instead of role play and so much will be moved around that its not even funny. When we’re done I want to find someone to critique our work, good and bad, so that we can build on that and then go back over it.

I know we’re a long way from being officially done but we’ve never gotten this far before. We’ve always started a book and then backed off it because something wasn’t right. I think we found the perfect fit here and I can’t wait to be completely finished with Avians: Book 1.

I think we’re going with the Eternal Wars name for the series because we’re not just doing the Avians, we’re going to bring in the Vampires, the Demons, the Angels, the Elves, Drow, and so many more that we can’t just name it something that would represent the Avians. 

We’re already looking ahead at our next book will not even be written for this series but be part of something else. We don’t want to write a book following this one until we get an Agent so that we know the book following will be picked up as well. I don’t want to be pitching book one to this agent and book two to another. That’s just stupid and I want to do things right.

Other Happenings – I’ve decided to go to school during the summer because it’s more money if I do. Right now I don’t have a job which I need to rectify but its hard here in this town. There are no jobs, well there are, but there are so many people fighting for them that it’s stupid. Anyways, enough whining, I have to go do some homework. I have two weeks of school left and Creative Writing is pissing me off. Do this; make up that, etc, etc. All stupid shit. Hell its bad when I sit and look at points and see what I can get out of doing and what I really need to do to get a C in the class.

I’m out.

-          Pup

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