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Update from the severly irritated Puppy... - Burke Juliani
The Writing Journal of Trace and Kitty Burke
Update from the severly irritated Puppy...

We are almost finished with our first book. We have the Prologue and chapters 30-38 to do and then the editing begins. I’m not looking forward to that though and I wish we had enough money to pay someone to do it for us.

I was asking the group that I put us on about pen names and how to query with them. I’m not too happy to read some of the answers and it’s pretty discouraging. Then, Kitty mentions that they (Agents/and whoever else) will most likely make us change the pen name of Burke Juliani. What else? What after that will they make us change and then after that? On and on until things are no longer ours and it’s all what they want?

Bah, I wonder sometimes whether the whole shit is worth the hassle. Why not just write it and let them put their names on it? Why give the writer any choice at all in anything? After all, we’re only the one’s that write the stuff, how much can that really mean in the thick of things? (Insert sarcasm here!!)

I’m fed up before it’s even started.

Maybe we should just use our real names and change our real names to fit what we want to have put on there. I’ve wanted to change mine for a while anyways. Or maybe I’m just at the beginning stages of one my irritated moods. Either way, I’m sick of thinking about it. Maybe we just are “putting the horse before the cart” and thinking to far ahead and maybe we should just shut the fuck up and take what we get because we’re just the writers.

No one has asked this of us yet but the possibility of it is enough to irritate me to no end.

 -          Pup

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