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Half Way Point - Burke Juliani
The Writing Journal of Trace and Kitty Burke
Half Way Point
We're halfway through the book. *throws confetti* YAY!! for us. We're not done by a long shot but we're looking at monday for the ending and the beginning of the editing phase. We've been looking at a few literary agents and we found a couple that we may go with. Most likely we'll submit to a few and see what we get. The query letters look scary to me but Kit will do those most likely. She's got a way of selling stuff and making people want to come see it. Good shit!!

So we're now on Part Two of the book and I think somewhere around chapter 25-26. We have 37 chapters so we're about the half way mark. I'm glad though because X and Nauri were getting impatient in their wait to get together.

School for me ends in a few weeks. Actually June 4th is my last final and that's for Creative Writing, which I hate. Ever heard of a Writer hating Creative Writing Class? I DO!! I hate the mother fucker because they want you to do this or do that and I don't want to do this or that, I want to write what I want to write. I liked the part where I could submit what I wanted to submit, which I pulled a Zylar (one of my char's) story out of my ass, which is always interesting and damn I can't wait to use him in the books.

Zylar is the Angel of Death....*stops self cause I can go on and on forever about some of our characters* Yeah well anyways, we're almost done and almost to the start point for the editing.


- Pup

Oh yeah, we've decided to do something with Vampires outside the other world.

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